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Get to Know Downtown Stamford

A view of Downtown Stamford from the Mill River Park. In the foreground is trees and green space, while stunning high rises touch the sky in the background. On the left is Vela on the Park, our luxury apartment building near Stamford Train Station.

Stamford is a city with a unique mesh of rooted history and new growth. Since 2000, investment in the city on both local and federal levels have built up infrastructure and made it a more exciting place to live. Bustling business and a lively, devoted community define a place with lots of appealing opportunity for both work and play. A location that puts you both waterside and at the edge of forest makes for a population eager for outdoor adventure. Reaching nearby big cities like New York by train or car is easy and efficient.

Living downtown puts you at the center of ever-expanding high rises and the hub for community activity and commerce. A business improvement district, this area funds public projects that benefit all residents. From all over Stamford, residents converge here to shop, eat at great restaurants, and attend festivals.

This highly-walkable area makes it easy to live and work, with less than a 15-minute walk to many major amenities and institutions. With the easy public transit of a larger city, you’ll have lots of options for getting where you need to go.

Mill River Park (Right across the street)

Vela on The Park gets our name from being right across the street from Downtown Stamford’s hub of activity. The beloved riverside green space is teeming with life daily. On nice days, the grass is filled with picnickers and runners and groups of yogis. This park is also host to festivals throughout the year. These events include but are not limited to:

  • Beer festivals, including Oktoberfest, occur throughout the year to celebrate the incredible local brewery culture of Stamford and engage in some revelry.
  • Holiday lights go up every year, decorating the trees with magical twinkling.
  • The Summer concert series, Alive at Five, draws people from all over Stamford and nearby cities to see musical acts perform outdoors to fawning crowds.
  • Farmers Markets take place during the warmer months, attracting residents interested in fresh bakery bread and flowers.
  • Wine Fest ensures that beer isn’t the only alcoholic drink getting the love every year.

During festivals and events, the park fills up with the best local food trucks and the city is at its liveliest.

Nightlife Along Bedford Street (10 minute walk)

Bedford Street, a short walk from Vela on the Park, is known for having restaurants and bars up and down. On any given evening, this area is lively and bright with people having dinner with friends, meeting up with coworkers for happy hour, and more. Our residents enjoy proximity to one of the best areas of Downtown Stamford.

Stamford Center for the Arts (5 minute walk)

A five minute walk away, the Stamford Center for the Arts, otherwise known at The Palace, hosts artists, musicians, and dancers throughout the year. The Connecticut Ballet, Shen Yun, and other acts on tour will perform here.


Stamford Station (15 minute walk)

Your connection to New York and New Jersey, this station is easy to get to from Vela on the Park and makes for a reasonable commute. A 1-hour train ride to Grand Central Station deposits you in the heart of New York City.

Stamford Hospital (less than a mile)

Easy to get to for work or for medical care, the Stamford Hospital is right nearby.

Stamford Town Center (15 minute walk)

This big shopping plaza right in Downtown Stamford has convenient shopping and dining. With everything from shoes to bubble tea, being located near the center will make it easy to run errands.